Jan 31, 2020

Color management for dye sublimation

Now I can print very precise color on Cherry MX OEM profile keycaps. (Not for Model M keycaps, sorry)

I made a general solution. You can use it too. It is very good for common photo printing too. Do your printer and its ICC profile play like this?

Moreover, you don't need a colorimeter for the solution. Instead, just a flatbed photo scanner.
It is an online service. What you should do is, download, print, scan, and upload.
The solution is Zygomatic Color.

Spend $50 get your ICC profile!

Oct 18, 2018

Don't buy CHNSpec's item.

Recently I bought a colorimeter. CS-10, made by Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co.,Ltd. It's just $235, so I never expected gorgeous accuracy. In reality, it isn't gorgeous, not good, not acceptable. Clearly worse than my $190 photo scanner, EPSON Perfection V600.

I asked CHNSpec about the problem. My CS-10 might be broken when it was delivered. But the person in charge refused to answer.

I investigated the accuracy (inaccuracy) of CHNSpec CS-10. This is the report.

I know about Adobe Math. The variation of illuminant and standard obserber, too. I relied on python-colormath.

I don't have gorgeous spectrophotometer, so I relied on a technical review and a color chart. The color chart is SpyderCheckr24. The technical review is Chromaxion's.

I made a comparison image of my scanner, CHNSpec CS-10, and the technical review. Some patches are out of sRGB's gamut, so I need to embed Adobe RGB profile. Old web browsers may show inaccurate color.

I calculated the color differences (CIEDE2000) of each patches, and the stats is here:

In every aspects, CHNSpec CS-10 works worse than my $190 photo scanner. Again, CHNSpec's person in charge refused to answer about the problem. Don't buy CHNSpec's item. Now I'm trying to return it and receive a refund, of course.

May 18, 2016

New printing jigs are in progress

Printing jigs and software are the name of the game. Better alignment, better contact, better temperature control, and better efficiency...

May 17, 2016

Sun Microsystem's logo

Hello I'm back!

Sun Microsystem's logo keycap for Cherry MX switch is on sale now!

I was a bit busy for other business, but now I'm back. Stay tuned!

Apr 8, 2015

Wisdom to know impossibility

I like the slogan "Yes, we can." Like, not respect. I respect "we cannot do it." Because the latter is much harder to know than the former. The former is knowledge, the latter is wisdom.

Recently I've got some wisdom about Android app development.

1) In some cases, we cannot root Android device. Really CANNOT. Is it possible to unlock the bootloader on the Verizon Moto G (xt1028) on android 4.4.4?

2) Recent Android has USB host function. Apps can communicate with USB devices. But there is one, only one exception. In the case of HID and its subclass is boot interface (all usual keyboards fall under this case), apps cannot do. Can an Android Expert Explain Strange USB Host Behavior

3) Apps cannot handle Alt-Tab. It is intercepted by PhoneWindowManager#interceptKeyBeforeDispatching.

I've tried to make a keyboard transmitter app. Classic Bluetooth and current Android Bluetooth stack (Bluedroid) cannot do it (Bluedroid lacks L2CAP support), so there is no such app now. But I thought that Bluetooth LE, Android 5.0, and Bluetooth LE peripheral capable device (very limited so far) can do.

And then, I've got some wisdom.

It is still possible. But deprived of Alt-Tab, does it have any value?

My hacking went bad. Framework, security, unexpected usage... I miss the date of PEEK / POKE.

Mar 9, 2015

It isn't Helvetica.

I cannot make keycaps just look like original Model M. This photo is a good example.

Left is my test piece. The typeface is Helvetica Light. Right is original Model M's. Letter spacing differs, but it isn't serious problem. A serious problem is 'g' letter. Compare the proportion of the upper part and the lower part. It differs much, and it is a strong evidence. Original Model M's typeface of modifier / system command keys isn't Helvetica family.

So what is the typeface? I cannot find it yet. I have a book, "Rockledge's classic international typefinder." This book contains many typefaces of 80's. But I couldn't find the typeface.

Around 1980, IBM was close to Monotype. So I guess the typeface is Monotype's unpopular typeface. I guess that it is made for photo-typesetter and not converted to font yet, because it is very unpopular.

By the way, the 'R' is very Helvetica-ish.

The tail of 'a' is Helvetica-ish too, but the head isn't so Helvetica-ish. From this earmark, I've doubted Monotype Abadi Std Light, but 'R' differs.

Another earmark is very short descender. Usually these earmarks are enough to find the typeface, but I cannot yet. This is a circumstantial evidence that the typeface was unpopular.

Feb 22, 2015

Arrow keycap set

New item arrived!

Recently I've found my technique for making black keycaps shows much lower yield than I expected. I'm searching better masking material now.